Dr. Bonakdar Reviews – Must Have Treatments to Get Holiday Ready

Blog 1With Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah just around the corner, it’s not too early to start getting Holiday ready. My list of must have treatments is short but effective and will have you enjoying your new found self-confidence and perfect holiday photos this year.

Must Have #1-

Full Facial restoration with fillers and Neurotoxins is by far the best bang for your buck to get holiday ready.  This can be accomplished in one to three short appointments with the results of Botox or Dysport lasting 12-16 weeks and the results of the filler lasting 6 months to 5 years depending on the filler type used.

Every year we lose a teaspoon of soft tissue from our face. That is equivalent to 5 syringes of fillers! Unless this gradual volume deficit is replaced with fillers, we start to look tired and old.

The face is divided into the upper, middle and lower sections. To create the most harmony and balance, all these three section must be addressed. During the first appointment I treat the overactive facial muscles with Botox or Dysport. I like starting filler correction in the midface.  Re-establishing the cheek volume and lifting the cheek up, automatically improves the lower lid as well as the smile lines and jowl area. The next area I like to work on is around the mouth and jowls.  Generally, I wait until after Botox or Dysport has taken effect on the upper face muscles to see if any fine tuning is needed with fillers.

I preference is to use fillers that give the longest lasting results such as Artefill, Sculptra and Voluma. But with six fillers at my disposal, ultimately I customize what I use based on my client’s needs.

Must Have #2-

Start on a clinical skincare program to protect your investment of fillers and toxins. All you need an easy 4 step routine in the morning and the evening with multitasking products that contain Vitamin A, C, E, and Growth factors. We start with a Visia computerized analysis of your skin and choose products that will complement and address your skin’s needs.

Must Have #3- 

Forget eyelash extensions as eventually they damage your lashes and leave them sparse and broken. Start Latisse- miracle eyelash growth drops now and you will have thicker, longer and fuller lashes in time for the holidays.

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Try On Your Treatment Before You Buy It

Robyn Simulation-page-001
Would you dare buy a pricey outfit without trying it on first? Probably not. If you are like me, you approach big ticket purchases cautiously and you need to feel good about your purchasing decisions.

Now you can try on aesthetic procedures you have been considering before you decide to buy.  We at Bonakdar Institute have partnered with New Look Now- a forward thinking company that produces realistic photo simulation results for Neurotoxin, Filler, Laser Resurfacing, and Ultherapy treatments.

It couldn’t be simpler. All you need is a photo and a consultation appointment. Either send us your photo prior to your appointment or we will snap your photo upon your arrival at the appointment.  I will consult with you about treatments that are right for you showing you your simulation of what you can expect your end result to be. Visualizing your results will settle your fear of the unknown making your treatment decision easy.

Many of the big aesthetic manufacturers have started talks to collaborate with New Look Now. Recently, Ultherapy was offering Ultherapy simulations on their Facebook page. Soon I expect many filler companies to show you their filler simulations using the same tool.

As usual Bonakdar Institute is way ahead of everyone else and brings you multi-procedure simulations now. Being a visual person myself, it was an easy decision to add this exciting tool to my practice. I look forward to WOWing you with what is possible in my world.

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Dr. Bonakdar Reviews – Ultherapy Décolletage Treatment Now FDA Cleared

The Mismatch

We have all been taking care of our faces for many year with lasers, toxins, fillers, peels and topicals. But, some of us have been ignoring our neck and chest area. This leads to a disturbing inconsistency between the face looking young,  and the connecting neck and chest looking old.

The Only FDA Cleared Chest Solution


Ultherapy is the only non-invasive treatment specifically FDA cleared to improve lines and wrinkles on the décolletage.

  • Non-Invasive
  • No Downtime
  • Builds collagen
  • Natural results093-032-j-k_d90-001_gallery
  • Single treatment
  • Safe Ultrasound

How does it Ultherapy Work?

Ultrasound energy delivered under the skin stimulates growth if new collagen and strengthens weak collagen. This leads to gradual lifting, tightening and smoothing of the décolletage.

On Your Ultherapy Treatment Day

To make your treatment comfortable, a topical anesthetic cream is applied to the chest first. I prefer to also address the sun damage spots on the chest during the same appointment with either IPL or Fraxel treatment. Rest assured that you will not have to suffer any social downtime and can return to your daily activities after your Ultherapy chest treatment.

Watch Dominique discuss her Ultherapy Experience

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Dr. Bonakdar announces the addition of AccuVein Bruise Prevention Device


Have you ever had fillers or toxin injections that bruised? Have you ever postponed your injectable treatments because you couldn’t afford possible bruising? Worry and postpone no more because Dr. Bonakdar had your interest in mind when she purchased the AccuVein.

Why does Bruising happen with cosmetic injections?

Regardless of the expertise and meticulousness of an aesthetic physician, any time a needle is introduced into the skin, bruising can happen. This is because the tissues under the skin have many vessels running through. With so many possible danger zones, it’s like placing a needle blindly or Russian Roulette. When a needle pierces one of these vessels, blood leaves the vessel and settles into the tissue and forms a bruise. If these vessels could be visualized then piercing them with a needle could potentially be avoided.

“I am seeing an 85% to 95% REDUCTION in bruising with the AccuVein because I can see the veins under the skin before I inject. That’s absolutely remarkable!”  Says Dr. Bonakdar


What does AccuVein do?

Initially used to for easy placement of IV’s in pediatric oncology patients, AccuVein has now made it to the aesthetic arena. This hand held device is like a special flash light that shows the under skin veins so that they can be avoided during injections. The Infrared light of AccuVein shines an on the skin and is absorbed by the Hemoglobin in the blood. The illuminated skin appears red whereas the skin over the veins appear black- showing you the the vein road map.

Does using the AccuVein hurt?

Absolutely not. The device does not touch your skin or interfere with your treatment. Think of it as a special flashlight in Dr. Bonakdar’s well stocked tool box. Check out the informational video below for more information!

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