LifeLine Microneedling Facial


Micro-needling is a treatment that uses tiny sterile micro-needles to create very small openings of controlled “injuries” to skin. Through these open ports active ingredients are introduced into the deeper skin layers that promote skin health. As these microscopic injuries heal, they result in collagen and elastin production promoting healthier skin. Unlike laser treatments, micro-needling treatments are safe for all skin colors without increased risks on darker sk

Micro-needling benefits include:

  • Improve skin texture
  • Improve wrinkles
  • Improve surgical, traumatic, burn and acne scars
  • Improve pigmentation and sun damage
  • Minimize pore size

The depth of the injuries from microneedling can be adjusted and determines what you feel during the treatment and what the results are. At Bonakdar Institute, deep microneedling treatments are done by Dr. Bonakdar for corrective work such as scar correction and treatment of vertical lip lines. Whereas superficial microneedling treatments called LifeLine Microneedling Facial are performed by our clinical aesthetician. These result oriented facials are recommended every two weeks in a series of three to six sessions.

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#SummerSelfie – Tips for Taking that Perfect Selfie this Summer!

Friends-taking-a-selfieThe social phenomenon “taking a selfie” has exploded internationally and inter-generationally. There is even a pop song “Let me take a selfie.” Our clients totally get it when we ask them to send us a “selfie” to discuss their care. Factoid-The word “selfie” won the Word of the Year for 2013 and is now included in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Millions of selfies are taken every day because we are obsessed with taking pictures of ourselves and magically erasing the flaws before posting them on our social media- getting us one step closer to all those perfect celebrity photos. But how do you get a perfect selfie? Here are our Bonakdar Institute expert tips to help you get great #SummerSelfie

Tip #1- “Lights”- Select Your Lighting And Backdrop

These needs to be enough light to end up with a good selfie or no amount of digital magic can undo a bad photo in poor lighting.

Be aware of the backdrop. This means no car selfies with your seatbelt showing and definitely no public bathroom selfies with concrete and industrial tile as the background! Freshen up your make up matting the oils on your skin for a flawless look.

Tip #2- “Camera”- Know Your Good Camera Side

The two sides of your face are very rarely completely identical. Dr. Bonakdar always looks for facial asymmetries and says the two sides of the face are more like twins with slight differences. Decide on your good camera side. Try a side selfie holding the camera slightly above your head, and tilting your head and eyes upwards. Side selfies look better that frontal selfies by highlighting the natural contours of the face and creating better shadowing. Of course a little blush on the cheek bones will also help.

Tip #3- “Action”- A Little Technology Goes a Long Way

There are many powerful photo filters and effect Apps available to create digital magic. You need to experiment until you find what you like. For example, these filters can color correct your selfie making it more vibrant and interesting.  Dr. Bonakdar’s favorite effects app is Snapseed. Once you are done it is hard to tell what is real and what is post production digital magic. And guess what? No one needs to know if you are fibbing! #NoFilter.

Think you’ve mastered the selfie tips above? Check out this video from W Magazine on how supermodels like taking their own selfies. Take your flawless #SummerSelfie and share it with us via social media!


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Pellefirm – Tighten Body Skin and Minimize Cellulite


Deeply delivered heat does some remarkable things to skin.

The heat = tightening connection

When you elevate tissue temperature up to 45 degrees Celsius, the body responds with collagen changes and collagen production. That means you’ll see tighter skin right away and increasing firmness over time.

“I tell my patients not to fear “hot” technology. 45 Celsius is 113 Fahrenheit – enough to trigger collagen production, but not enough to hurt. Expect it to feel similar to a hot stone massage….but with lasting skin-changing benefits.” Dr. Bonakdar

Patient photos courtesy of Ellman International

Patient photos courtesy of Igor Jeremic, MD

Why PelleFirm™?

  • Tighten loose skin
  • Improve cellulite appearance
  • No pain
  • No downtime
  • Safe FDA approved radio frequency
  • No prep – 30 minute treatment time

Improving skin firmness and tone for all skins

Dr. Bonakdar has chosen PelleFirm to help manage the inevitable sagging and looseness of skin that is inevitable to us all. This safe, pain-free FDA approved radio-frequency for tightening is coupled with mechanical massage for temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Not all tightening technologies are suitable for all skin types or body areas. PelleFirm is safe for all skin types

Firming from top to “bottom”

PelleFirm is ideal for problem zones including the

  • arms
  • abdomen
  • buttocks
  • thighs

Multiple treatment sessions are needed to achieve maximum results.

Aesthetics Journal
FDA Clearance

iStock_000020341031SmallComplimentary Better Body Assessments

- Find out what will work for you!


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Neotensil – The “Girdle” for Eye Bags


Introducing a revolutionary solution for under-eye bags – Neotensil Under-Eye Reshaping Procedure, the first do-it-yourself, non-invasive solution that acts like invisible facial shapewear to visibly compress under-eye bags. It’s totally transparent, very natural looking and you can see results within an hour.

From Dr. Bonakdar:

Neotensil is the hottest new product on the market. It’s not cheap – but the value is excellent. There has not been a good nonsurgical solution for eye bags – ever. This is a first and an absolutely remarkable action product. I call it a girdle for eye bags !

 (949) 721 6000

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