Dr. Bonakdar announces the addition of AccuVein Bruise Prevention Device


Have you ever had fillers or toxin injections that bruised? Have you ever postponed your injectable treatments because you couldn’t afford possible bruising? Worry and postpone no more because Dr. Bonakdar had your interest in mind when she purchased the AccuVein.

Why does Bruising happen with cosmetic injections?

Regardless of the expertise and meticulousness of an aesthetic physician, any time a needle is introduced into the skin, bruising can happen. This is because the tissues under the skin have many vessels running through. With so many possible danger zones, it’s like placing a needle blindly or Russian Roulette. When a needle pierces one of these vessels, blood leaves the vessel and settles into the tissue and forms a bruise. If these vessels could be visualized then piercing them with a needle could potentially be avoided.

“I am seeing an 85% to 95% REDUCTION in bruising with the AccuVein because I can see the veins under the skin before I inject. That’s absolutely remarkable!”  Says Dr. Bonakdar


What does AccuVein do?

Initially used to for easy placement of IV’s in pediatric oncology patients, AccuVein has now made it to the aesthetic arena. This hand held device is like a special flash light that shows the under skin veins so that they can be avoided during injections. The Infrared light of AccuVein shines an on the skin and is absorbed by the Hemoglobin in the blood. The illuminated skin appears red whereas the skin over the veins appear black- showing you the the vein road map.

Does using the AccuVein hurt?

Absolutely not. The device does not touch your skin or interfere with your treatment. Think of it as a special flashlight in Dr. Bonakdar’s well stocked tool box. Check out the informational video below for more information!

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Dr. Bonakdar Reviews Her CoolScultping Experience- The Revolutionary Fat Freezing Treatment

Banner CoolSCulpt

Are you tired of your stubborn belly fat, muffin tops, love handles, and saddle bags that aren’t responding to your healthy lifestyle habits?  If you answered yes to this, then you are not alone.  Just like thousands of men and women, I have been frustrated with my upper and lower abdominal fat pooches despite my intense work out ritual of near-daily spin classes, yoga classes or both.

How can I burn calories, eat clean and healthy and still not get rid of these pesky fat bulges? Knowing that Liposuction was not an option for me, I gave CoolSculpting a try. THE EASY WAY TO COMBAT STUBBORN FAT.

CoolSculpting  was named “ 2013 Best Body Treatment” by NewBeauty Magazine. This highly-acclaimed solution has been around since 2011 and it continues to grow in popularity. Why you ask? BECAUSE IT WORKS!


It all started with an interesting factoid called Popsicle Cheeks. Kids who suck on a lot of popsicles lose their cheek fat! Some smart scientist set out to make a technology that applies this factoid to unwanted body fat. Their hard work resulted in CoolSculpting and many happy bulge-less patients.

“T to T” or “Treat to Transformation”  is the operative lingo which means you repeat your one hour treatment every one to two months until you get to where you are happy with your transformation. For most candidates this means one to two treatments.  For me it means one obligatory hour of BLISSFUL ME TIME- meaning no work, no mommy duty, no chores. I will browse the web, call a few girl friends to announce what I am doing, shop on-line and sip on my Skinny drink!

Life is good, thanks to science and a curious scientist tinkerer!


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LifeLine Microneedling Facial


Micro-needling is a treatment that uses tiny sterile micro-needles to create very small openings of controlled “injuries” to skin. Through these open ports active ingredients are introduced into the deeper skin layers that promote skin health. As these microscopic injuries heal, they result in collagen and elastin production promoting healthier skin. Unlike laser treatments, micro-needling treatments are safe for all skin colors without increased risks on darker sk

Micro-needling benefits include:

  • Improve skin texture
  • Improve wrinkles
  • Improve surgical, traumatic, burn and acne scars
  • Improve pigmentation and sun damage
  • Minimize pore size

The depth of the injuries from microneedling can be adjusted and determines what you feel during the treatment and what the results are. At Bonakdar Institute, deep microneedling treatments are done by Dr. Bonakdar for corrective work such as scar correction and treatment of vertical lip lines. Whereas superficial microneedling treatments called LifeLine Microneedling Facial are performed by our clinical aesthetician. These result oriented facials are recommended every two weeks in a series of three to six sessions.

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#SummerSelfie – Tips for Taking that Perfect Selfie this Summer!

Friends-taking-a-selfieThe social phenomenon “taking a selfie” has exploded internationally and inter-generationally. There is even a pop song “Let me take a selfie.” Our clients totally get it when we ask them to send us a “selfie” to discuss their care. Factoid-The word “selfie” won the Word of the Year for 2013 and is now included in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Millions of selfies are taken every day because we are obsessed with taking pictures of ourselves and magically erasing the flaws before posting them on our social media- getting us one step closer to all those perfect celebrity photos. But how do you get a perfect selfie? Here are our Bonakdar Institute expert tips to help you get great #SummerSelfie

Tip #1- “Lights”- Select Your Lighting And Backdrop

These needs to be enough light to end up with a good selfie or no amount of digital magic can undo a bad photo in poor lighting.

Be aware of the backdrop. This means no car selfies with your seatbelt showing and definitely no public bathroom selfies with concrete and industrial tile as the background! Freshen up your make up matting the oils on your skin for a flawless look.

Tip #2- “Camera”- Know Your Good Camera Side

The two sides of your face are very rarely completely identical. Dr. Bonakdar always looks for facial asymmetries and says the two sides of the face are more like twins with slight differences. Decide on your good camera side. Try a side selfie holding the camera slightly above your head, and tilting your head and eyes upwards. Side selfies look better that frontal selfies by highlighting the natural contours of the face and creating better shadowing. Of course a little blush on the cheek bones will also help.

Tip #3- “Action”- A Little Technology Goes a Long Way

There are many powerful photo filters and effect Apps available to create digital magic. You need to experiment until you find what you like. For example, these filters can color correct your selfie making it more vibrant and interesting.  Dr. Bonakdar’s favorite effects app is Snapseed. Once you are done it is hard to tell what is real and what is post production digital magic. And guess what? No one needs to know if you are fibbing! #NoFilter.

Think you’ve mastered the selfie tips above? Check out this video from W Magazine on how supermodels like taking their own selfies. Take your flawless #SummerSelfie and share it with us via social media!


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